Watching a dog show at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago - Yes, a DOG show! But it's REALLY good and the dogs are well behaved!
Enjoying Shedd Aquarium in Chicago with my sister & nephews. Been years since I was here. New appreciation after spending 7 yrs in Bahamas!
Finally landing in Chicago - covered in white... Brrrr!
In Atlanta catching another flight to Chicago - flights are so delayed today- My incoming flight was so late my outgoing had already left!


Waiting for my flight to Chicago... I hear it's 12 there now! Brrr!
My friend awesome magician @brockgill is gonna be on halftime of the Superbowl on Sunday Feb 1st! Watch for him!
Listening to Rudy Guilliani speak - very good and motivational!
Enjoyed listening to Rick Belluzo, Pres of Miscrosoft, Phil Town from MSNBC, and Leon Patillo. Great speakers and presentations!

Zig Ziglar

Listening to Zig Ziglar speak at "Get Motivated" in Huntsville - Awesome at 82!
On my way to "Get Motivated" seminars in Huntsville to see Zig Ziglar, Rudy Guilliani, Rev Robert Schuller and others. Anyone else going?
Heading home to bed - up early for "Get Motivated" seminar in Huntsville tomorrow to hear Zig Ziglar, Rudy Guilliani, & Rev Robt Schuller.
Getting ready to head to Huntsville for a meeting with the Pres of the Huntsville Int'l Society.
Going to enjoy a little Sunday afternoon nap - it's been calling me all day! Eyelids are getting heavy... Just what I need!
Heading home to bed after another long but productive day at the office. Yawn...
Got to put one more horse in a stall, then heading to bed after a long but productive day!
What do sword swallowers eat on Friday nights? Wife's gone, so I'm indulging in a Papa Johns pizza! Pardon the garlic butter on this tweet!


Busy working on office chores, marketing, and sword swallowing business.
Done with checking news and weather. Getting ready to head out and face the cold!
Thanks to all well-wishers - Think I just had a bad bruise today, hopefully no puncture, just very sore. Good night's sleep should heal it.
Hurt myself with bad bruise while attempting to swallow a red-hot sword today at my Blacksmith's. Relaxing and recuperating this afternoon.
It's a nice balmy 70 degrees here - drinking coffee & watching news. Putting on 7 layers to go out and break ice for horses where it's 22!
Breaking ice for horses and mending fences. 9 is COLD! High in 20s today! Brrr!


It's COLD today! 17 feels like 7 with wind chill! This is really cold for Alabama! Brrr! Horses all in blankets. Gotta break ice in water.

Jarrod Jones

is excited that my friend Jarrod Jones is on The Rick & Bubba Show this morning at 8:06am -

Jarrod Jones on Rick & Bubba!

is excited about my friend Jarrod Jones on the Rick & Bubba Show tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8:06am CST!

Raining cats & dogs

Pouring down rain again today... The horses, chickens and cats are walking two by two... Coincidence?
Heard about Travolta's son. Sad to think that their family is having the worst day of their lives today. So sad.
Running chores at Lowe's - I only need 1 thing, but always end up with a cartful of cool things at Lowe's or Home Depot! Grunt, grunt...


Out trailriding horses on a beautiful crisp day in Elkmont AL. Saw lots of deer. Now having cowboy chili... Yumm... Good!

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