Do the impossible, Swallowing the sword, Cutting through fear | Dan Meyer @ TEDxMaastricht

When I spoke at TEDx Maastricht, one of my key points was the power of implementing a small positive behavior change: You benefit immediately, but you also create a ripple effect. Contrary to popular belief, changing your own behavior CAN change the people in your life - and beyond - to CHANGE the WORLD! If you like this, please share and help me CHANGE THE WORLD!

America's Got Talent Most DANGEROUS act: Sword Swallower near Disaster

America's Got Talent Most DANGEROUS Act: Sword Swallower at 21.5 MILLION views!
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Cutting through fear: Dan Meyer at TEDxMaastricht

Doing the impossible, swallowing the sword, cutting through fear: Dan Meyer at TEDxMaastricht

In the TED talk that got a Standing Ovation at TEDxMaastricht, 35x World Record Sword Swallower Dan Meyer describes his journey from extreme fears to extreme feats, wimp to world record holder, loser to Ig Nobel Prize winner, quitter to Finalist on America's Got Talent. Winner of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine, and president of the Sword Swallowers Association, Dan Meyer is recognized as the world's leading expert in sword swallowing, top performing sword swallower seen in 35 countries, and international TEDx speaker passionate about inspiring people to cut through fear and do the impossible in their lives.

Cutting through fear: Dan Meyer at TEDxMaastricht

TEDx Talk gets standing ovation:
Doing the Impossible, Swallowing the Sword, Cutting Through Fear
Sword Swallower Dan Meyer at TEDxMaastricht Netherlands

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