Waffles and syrup

Tip: Do NOT attempt to eat waffles dripping w syrup on a long drive to #NYWC! Entire interior of my car is STICKY! I'm a walking ant magnet!

National Youth Workers Convention

Filled up at $1.73! Heading to #NYWC in Nashville. Will be at Reach Your City booth 739 from 12:30-2pm. Swing by, bring a friend & a camera!

National Youth Workers Convention

Horses caught & fed! Getting ready to head up to Nashville to #NYWC. Hope to be at Reach Your City booth from 12:30-2pm to meet everyone!

Chasing horses at dawn

Rude awakening: Had to jump out of bed to chase horses that had gotten loose in the night! Now I gotta feed em all. BRRR! NEED COFFEE!!

Funeral on a gray day

Going to play for a funeral of a friend - that's two friends who have died of cancer in the past 2 weeks. Sad but sobering.

Gray Saturday

It's a cold gray "wintery" day here in AL. Gotta play at a funeral for a friend today :( Need more COFFEE to get going.


Oh, COOL NEWS: Found out I'm being featured in a Ripley's Believe It or Not card game available in stores next week! I'm 1 of 30 cards! Fun!


Gray foggy morning in north Alabama, but looking forward to a productive day!
Enjoyed a great hockey game with Juergen! We won 5-3 with the last goal in the last 18 seconds! Go Huntsville Havocs! Thanks Jonathan!

Huntsville Havoc Hockey

At the Huntsville Havoc hockey game with my buddy Juergen - box seats courtesy of Capt Jon Lounsbury - we're enjoying boys night out.!

Actor Danny Glover removes Lethal Weapon!

Actor Danny Glover removes Lethal Weapon from my throat:


Newsletter out

Finally got a couple of videos posted and a new newsletter out tonight. Hoping to get some hits on the videos & possibly some appearances!

Alabama Man Swallows Hedge Clippers!

Dangerous Clipper Tricks -

Alabama Man Swallows Hedge Clippers!

(Send this to all your friends who could use a smile today!)

Nov 11, 1817

On this day in history 1817, the FIRST SWORD SWALLOWER to perform in the US did a show in New York City. Tickets to the daring feat cost $1.

New video: Man Swallows Hedge Clippers!

Alabama man swallows hedge clippers! High-quality version:


Chilly Tuesday

E-mail was down several hours last night, glad it's back up! Chilly Fall morning, perfect for getting things done today like mending fences!

Sore but not pinched

Movin' slow - Pinched nerve not so bad today, but old-fashioned soreness is creeping in 2nd day after riding - feels kinda good to be sore!

Heavy price

Maybe my body's advising me to take a break this wk- Back rub, hot tub, chiropractor? Anyone know where to find lightweight aluminum swords?

Do'in a Pinch

Took 4 Advil + 4 Doan's back pills last night & still had a hard time sleeping. Can't find a comfortable position to sit, stand, lay down...
Pinched nerve in back from lugging all that heavy metal the past 5 wks + horse trailride yesterday=Fun, but sure regretting it today!

Associated Press article

Wow! Check out the associated Content article: http://tinyurl.com/6frsup

Saturday Horse trail ride

Heading out to a horse trail ride at KC Ranch with Lisa, Allen and Haley (and 4 horses). Beautiful fall day - as long as I don't fall!

Photo shoot

Just finished photo shoot after 2 day hair and wardrobe makeover in Nashville. Curious to see how it all turns out!

Getting ready to go onstage

Standing backstage ready to go on with National Theater USA as part of "Great Performances" at Vanderbilt Ingram Theater. Hope swords work!

Shopping for stage wardrobe

Had a fun day shopping for stage clothes for photoshoot tomorrow. Cool clothes that I wouldn't normally buy agent assures me R good 4 youth.


Having breakfast w @logosi and old friends Jody and Ernesto in Nashville.

Performing with National Theater USA tonight

Performing with NTUSA at Vanderbilt tonight at 7pm. I didn't really understand what the show was about til last night: http://www.ntusa.org/

Vanderbilt Great Performances

Just finishing rehearsal at Vanderbilt with @jt2k. Everyone is invited to attend "Great Performances" at Vanderbilt Ingram tomorrow at 7pm

Nashville meeting

Just finished a meeting with my new booking/mngt company in Nashville - Great folks, I'm psyched! Looking forward to moving forward!

Road trip to Nashville!

Heading to Nashville - beautiful Fall day for a drive! Just filled up at $2.11! Much better than $5-$8 I paid in Europe! Thanks, Pres Bush!

Civic duty

Just fulfilled my civic duty & voted. Lines were short, only took 5 minutes to vote. Glad I did, but still feel anxious about future of USA


Keeping busy getting caught up with e-mail and social networking!

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