Working with a horse down with collick when I should be home packing! But he's doing better and should come out of it.

Video edits

Working on rough edits from Friday's video shoot and excited about the outcome!


Just saw my wife off to work at 5:30a, working on all the last-minute packing and details I should've done this weekend!


Just finishing a long day of horseback riding, bathing kittens and dog, and indulging in TWO delicious Mexican meals!


Just saw Fireproof for the 2nd time - even better than the 1st! It's awesome - Go see it!

FireProof the Movie

Excited about going to see "FireProof" tonight! We're on our way (and I brought tissues!). It's a GREAT MOVIE - Everyone should see it!

Saturday at Josephine's

Having my usual Saturday waffle at Josephine's while finalizing plans for the Caribbean and European tours.

FireProof the Movie

Excited that "FireProof" the movie hits theaters today! What a GREAT movie! GO SEE IT this weekend!!

Video shoots

finished with all day video shoots at 5 locations and excited that we got some great footage! :)


Getting a haircut (trim mostly), then back to more video shooting.
Working on video documentary pre-production with my videographer Josh.

Depot Days

Getting ready for tonight's show at Depot Days (come join us at 7!) in Hartselle, AL

Overcast Saturday

feeding animals, doing chores, replying to booking requests, & getting ready for this evening's show at Depot Days in Hartselle. Join us!

Happy Talk LIke a Pirate Day!

Argh, Mateys!

Happy TLAP Day

Wishing everyone a Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day" today! ARRGH! Only 162 days till "Int'l Sword Swallowers Awareness Day" on Feb 28th! Argh!

FireProof Movie

Got to hang out with my friends Jack & Tina from WAY-FM's "Jack & Tina Show" GO SEE "Fireproof"!

BEST 1/2 Movie!

Just coming home from seeing 1/2 a movie, but even that 1/2 was way better than most full movies I've ever seen! "FireProof" is AWESOME!


Trying desperately to find a ride to the movie "FireProof"! My other Jeep died today! Argh!


Going to make swords at a blacksmiths! Wheee! Should be fun! Yum!

Doing today...

Feeding horses, cats, kittens, parrots, chickens, mending fences, doing bookings, arranging Euro travel, making swords, watching "Fireproof"


Still groggy from too much Benedryll and allergy meds... and staying up late working on the book. Need more coffee!


Enjoying a nice dinner with my wife at Josephine's Restaurant.

Ig Nobel Award in Medicine for Sword Swallowing

Video footage of Sword Swallower Dan Meyer and Dr. Brian Witcombe accepting the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard University on Oct 4, 2007.

October travel

Booking October flights to Harvard in Boston, Miami cruise to the Bahamas, then Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Italy! Whew!
Mending fences on a beautiful sunny day in Hartselle, AL


Just got done washing 1 dog, 1 horse, 1 parrot, and 6 cats! I'm waterlogged! Now it's time to wash the car! I'm about washed up!


Heading for a haircut in Decatur, AL

America's Got Talent

Watching friends on America's Got Talent- Donald Braswell made it thru & Wright Kids were GREAT! Rootin for Daniel Jens & Paul Salos (Frank)

Dan In the News!

Dan in the News! Running for President?


Getting ready to move horses, kittens, and handle a plethora of chores, correspondance, & typical Monday "busy" work on a beautiful Monday!
Enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon - relaxing some, maybe try to ride my Icelandic or Arabian mares some.

Lunching w World's Shortest Comedian

Having lunch with the world's shortest comedian, Danny Frasier (2' 10"), who is opening for me tonight at Shady Grove Baptist, Danville, AL

New Show tonight!

Finalizing tonight's show, a new motivational, inspirational msg "Doing the Impossible" & new "impossible" stunt! Hope I can pull it off!


Mending fences and helping shoe horses today - I feel like a cowboy! Now I need to get to doing MY work!
Out horseback trailriding and 4-wheeling - lots of fun on a nice cool breezy Labor Day in Birmingham, AL

Riding to go Riding

Heading to Birmingham with 4 kids and 4 horses to do some horseback riding & Labor Day picnicing. Lots of cars heading north from the gulf!

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