Driving through southern Illinois - flat cornfields remind me of southern Indiana... Makes sense!
Standing at Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, IL


Just finished a long day of performances and video interviews followed by an enjoyable evening with fellow sword swallower Troy Deckard.
Am somewhere in Kentucky on the way to a gig in Springfield IL
Ended up not going on horseback trailride today due to rain and soggy trails. Worked on making new stables/stalls instead.


Getting ready to take a new horse on a trail ride in Birmingham if it doesn't rain today.

Day after Christmas

Slept in. Needed it. Feeling lazy. Just having coffee. Got to get going and feed horses. Might try to ride today or tomorrow.
Just finished feeding horses & moving hay. Now my new Christmas sweatshirt is covered in mud. Sure doesn't feel like Christmas w/out family.

Fav Christmas Movie?

Just watched "A Christmas Story" 3 times in a row! What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours the Merriest of Christmases! Remember the REASON we celebrate! May God Bless You, Your Family and Friends!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! S'posed to be raining & in the 60s here today. I'm dreaming of the white Christmases we used to have! Hope yours is Merry!
Another Christmas party/dinner... Delicious prime rib... Gonna gain some lbs this week, I can already tell!


Brrr! Sure is cold out! Went from 60s/70s to 20s/30s overnight! How cold is it where you are? Better bundle up!

Eyes are heavy

Can't keep my eyes open. Must've been the sugar in that coconut cream dessert. Or the fact that I had thirds. Can't keep eyes open. G'night!

TVAHA Christmas

Getting ready to head to TVAHA (TN Valley Arabian Horse Assoc) Christmas party in Huntsville AL
Heading to Nashville in pure fog and mist - not great for driving tonight!


Grieving today over the loss of Jambo, my African Grey parrot who was a dear friend for the past 10 years. Died last night of unknown causes

Gray Sunday

Enjoying a quiet gray Sunday afternoon relaxing and getting caught up and ready for another busy week!

Meeting B-Rock Brrrocolli the Gillman

Getting ready to head up towards Nashville to spend some time with @brockgill today if roads aren't too flooded! Looking forward to it!

I'll be your Handy Man

Going to be building stalls in the rain today to get ready in time for 7 Arabian horses to arrive from AZ tonight!
Just unloading our fav colt & putting him in his new blanky-pajamas for the night. He's such a good boy, so gorgeous & gentle! What a stud!


Brrrrrr... 32 degrees and windy/rainy - feels much colder! Heading out to feed horses... Brrrrr...

I'm baack!

Glad to have my cell back so I can Twitter again. Was going thru BlackBerry/Twitter withdrawal! If you tried to call, I'm back- try again!

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