Kitten duty

Feeding kittens again... Lost the weakest gray one last night, & a black one seems weak tonight and doesn't want to eat. Another all-nighter

Kittens, calls, kittens, calls...

Handling phone calls between feeding kittens, feeding kittens between phone calls. Both are tough jobs, but somebody's got to do them!

Home again

Back home again in allergyland taking care of chores. Fed kittens every hr all last night, so w/ allergy meds & jet lag, I am GROGGY today!

Landing in Huntsville

Just landing in Huntsville airport with my new friend, Huntsvills Havoc hockey defenseman Jonathan Lounsbury. Google him!

Heading home

Having dinner in Denver airport with 2 other America's Got Talent contestants before catching my flight home to Huntsville.

Hanging w the Hoff

Talking with David Hasselhoff here in LA - He said some very complimentary things, great to hear! Getting ready to head to Bob Hope Airport

Sunny Burbank CA

Just arrived in sunny Burbank CA! Grabbing some GeoCaches near Universal Studios before taking a dip in the pool, then off to the studios!

On my way to sunny L.A.

At Huntsville airport heading to LA for the next episode of America's Got Talent. Watch LIVE tomorrow Tues night on NBC at 8p EST/7p CST!

On my way

At Huntsville airport catching an early flight to Denver.

Rainy Sunday

Pouring down rain - need it! Feels good to have a dark, rainy Sunday to rest & recuperate before a busy week. EARLY flight tomorrow morning!

New Phone

Spent 1/2 day downloading software (198 megs!) to backup my phone & other 1/2 at Verizon replacing it. Finally configured & set up again! :)
is working on his butterfly stroke and pommel horse routine for London 2012.

My Grain!

Fighting a migraine headache, mostly eye fatigue from staring at mega pixels on a computer monitor for the past 9 hours! Hurts to think! Ugh

Horse shoes

Still waiting since 7:30am for ferrier to come shoe my Icelandic horse... Only a few hours late!!

Sun night

Feeding kittens again and hitting the sack! Busy day tomorrow starting with shoeing my Icelandic horse early tomorrow morning!

Sunny Sunday

Enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and wondering how the voting turned out Friday...


Watched Bigfoot videos and worked on multimedia show today. Double Benadryll has had me groggy ALL day! Hitting the sack early tonight!

TP - Over or Under?

What's the best way for toilet paper or paper towels to be hung - over or under?


How to make FriendFeed a one stop shop? -


Struggled with BAD allergies & asthma all last night til 2 benadryll wiped me out. Groggy & zonked out today. Anyone else notice it's bad?

Horsin' Around

Great evening of Horsin' Around tonight - had about 25 folks out to ride horses & play with kittens! Just fed all the kittens - time for bed

Major Breakthrough!

After 9 years of searching for a tribe of sword swallowers in India, I have finally got a name, location, and solid leads for locating them!

Jeremy Camp concert

Had a great time at Jeremy Camp concert last night! Lots of new friends, lots of autographs, & lots of MySpace/Facebook requests today!
Signing autographs with Mike's Chair and Rick Burgess from Rick & Bubba show at Jeremy Camp concert.

Huntsville concert

Just came offstage at WAY-FM concert. Listening to Mike's Chair - They rock!

Jeremy Camp Sound Check

Sitting at home plate @ sound check for Jeremy Camp band. I go on at 7pm & will perform for 11,300 at Joe Davis Stadium at Huntsville, AL

Getting ready for Jeremy Camp

Getting ready for concert w/ Jeremy Camp tonite. Meeting Jeremy band @ lunch to set up concert today. Join us & 12,000 at Joe Davis Stadium

Rick & Bubba

Listening to Rick & Bubba Show. Looking forward to seeing Rick again today & opening for Jeremy Camp concert with him tonight in Huntsville

Kitten patrol

Bottle-feeding and bathing 10 kittens again (lost 1 last night). Fed every 2 hours last night so didn't sleep much. Tired today!

America's Got... Kittens!

Spent the day fielding calls from Amerïca's Got Talent while feeding 5 orphaned kittens. Then today found 4 newborns then 2 MORE=Feeding 11!

Vote for Dan on AGT!

Fielding LOTS of calls from Amerïca's Got Talent last night! To vote for me, go to Vote up to 10x by next Friday!

Birmingham traffic

All my flights ran ok today (nice change), but now stuck in Birmingham traffic trying to make it home for America's Got Talent on NBC @ 8pm

Last flight home

Just getting on my flight to Birmingham then drive up to n Alabama, hopefully in time to watch America's Got Talent Vegas episode at 8pm!

At Toronto Airport

Just had 3 different strangers come up to me at Toronto airport, shake my hand, and say they saw me on Breakfast TV this morning! Weird!

On Breakfast TV now

On the set of Breakfast TV in Toronto, been performing the past 2 hours. Getting ready to have host Deena pull out the sword in a minute...

Dinner with Ripley's

Having dinner in Toronto at the waterfront with Ripley's VP Tim O'Brien discussing tomorrow's TV interview promoting the new Ripley's book.

Oh, Canada!

Just arrived in Toronto, home of the RIM Blackberry, eh? Customs is full downstairs so we are waiting like cattle. Moo, eh?

Charlotte to Toronto

Sitting in one of those big white rockers at the Charlotte NC airport. Next stop - Toronto, 75 degrees. Practicing my Canuk: "Beauty, eh?"


Car died yesterday. Rental places had NO cars this morning! Borrowed wife's truck & raced to Birmingham airport. Waiting 4 flight to Toronto

Death of a car...

Standing next to my car in the heat. After 140,000 miles, my Jeep just died on Hwy 31 in Decatur, AL

Google Knol

Google Knol is becoming popular and quite a phenomenon. Have you tried it yet?

Ah... Friday!

Emergency Chamber meeting with 35 folks got heated & lasted hr&half! Whew! Now having delicious lasagna dinner at Josephine's with friends.

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